krapp’s last tape

“The new light above my table is a great improvement. With all this darkness around me I feel less alone. In a way. I love to get up and move about in it, then back here to… me.”

Krapp’s Last Tape – Samuel Beckett


woozy with cider

“(…) As the sun glares through the hotel window I wonder of our future and where it will lead to,
I wonder if you’ll be laying there 10 years 20 years 30 years down the line
I’ll still be staring out at the street confused about love and life,
It’ll be interesting to see if anyone every bought those songs of mine if anyone heard those words that I never got quite right,
I think I can be honest in presuming the world is not exactly going to be leaping out its bed to make me rich using my songs in adverts selling oranges or lemons (…)”

James Yorkston